Financial support of All Saints’ Church

We believe that God invites us as a church and as individuals to depend on Him for everything that we need and to discover His extraordinary provision as we learn to give generously. Giving money regularly is an important expression of gratitude and love for God that is part of our ongoing transformation, as well as an important way of demonstrating practical commitment to our church family.

The mission and ministry of All Saints’ depends almost entirely on the generous giving of our church family. We aim to carefully plan our annual budget to:

  • Sustain and grow our mission in the Sid Valley and the wider world
  • Invest in paid staff who help us to develop our outreach, youth & children’s work, worshipping life and administration
  • Maintain our church building and other premises to ensure they are fit for purpose

The Bible teaches various key principles that should shape our attitude to giving:

  • Everything we have belongs to God and is given to us by Him (1 Chronicles 29:14b) – our giving back to God demonstrates this
  • The Old Testament establishes the concept of a “tithe” in which 10% of income (or the harvest in biblical times) is given to God, yet we also find instances in the Old Testament (e.g. Amos 4:4) that imply people were tithing but that this was not a substitute for real commitment. The New Testament builds on this promoting generosity, challenging heart and mind.
  • Jesus encourages the practice of tithing, alongside a heart for promoting justice and living out the love of God (Luke 11:42)
  • Paul encourages everyone to “set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income” (1 Corinthians 16:2) – this is tremendously freeing and allows us all to participate equally and continually, whether we are rich or poor in the world’s eyes

How can I give?

It is important that regular and planned giving should primarily be a prayerful response of the heart. Take time to pray, consider your monthly finances carefully and explore with God (and perhaps also a trusted friend or two) how much it is right for you to give.

We recommend two distinct methods of giving:

Bank Standing Order – This enables you to decide how much you want to give each month and when you want to give it. It is the most efficient and popular way of regular giving, which also helps the church to plan its expenditure more effectively.

Download a Standing Order form

Weekly Envelopes – If you prefer, we can instead supply a year’s pack of Weekly Freewill Offering envelopes in which you can place a gift and bring it with you to church.

With both methods, if you are a UK tax-payer, you can increase the value of your gift by 25% simply by completing a Gift Aid Declaration form, which entitles the church to reclaim the tax that you will have already paid on your gift.

Download a Gift Aid Declaration form

Please contact our Treasurer, John Russell on 01395 513 830 for more details and to obtain a copy of the standing order form or a supply of weekly envelopes.

A Lasting Legacy? For the longer term, do consider if you are able to leave a gift to All Saints’ Church in your will. Please contact John Russell for more information

Money Problems? Many of us struggle with our finances. For some, it is about not having enough money, while others struggle with having too much. How we spend our money can be a source of great confusion and worry. It can affect our relationships with our family, friends and also with God.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation, are struggling with debt problems or would simply like help with preparing a budget – don’t suffer in silence! Please contact Richard or Janet Beattie who are our CAP (Christians against Poverty) Money Coaches. They can offer practical support in complete confidence.

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