Our Fragile Earth

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Some Key Dates to Watch Out For

Saturday, October 2ndCreation Care Seminar   10am – 12.30pm
Sunday, October 3rdCreation Care Sunday at All Saints
Saturday, October 16thSustainability Fair followed by Public Meeting
(see Sid Valley Mission Community website)
31st October- 12th NovemberCOP26 – Please pray!

Climate Change And How We Respond

You probably know we’re facing a global Climate Crisis – unless, of course, you’re an ostrich!

But you’re possibly already pretty well informed about the issues.

For you, it’s about what next?
So, what do we actually need to


Our second page contains more detailed information. It’s divided into four main areas. These can be accessed by clicking on any of the four buttons:

There’s so much information available now – websites, TV programmes, videos, books – the list could be endless. 

Some books and videos with a fuller reading list!

You’ll find links to prayer resources such as:

Green Christian prayer guide

As Christians (and indeed as responsible human beings!) we now understand that we need to start living sustainably.  That’s a big call – but we have no choice if the planet is to be protected.

How do we go about doing that?

There’s more? Yes, on our second page, you can also find Creation Care information with links to:

And finally… 

For more information on what we are doing here at All Saints’, Sidmouth, keep checking this page. Even more information may be found at these two sites: The Sid Valley Mission Community and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Click on the pictures to go to the sites!