We hold a number of Sunday Services and our hope is that everyone is able to worship in a style which is comfortable for them, whether traditional liturgy or livelier modern worship. Whatever the style, we aim to keep the substance constant: faithful, Bible-based teaching and heartfelt worship as we seek to delight in God's love and to share it with others.

At the 10:30 Service we sing contemporary songs, accompanied by a music group. Families enjoy worshipping together for the first part of the service before children and youth leave for their own groups (Scramblers 2-4 years, Explorers 4-7 years, Ace 8-11 years, Sync 12+years.). Those too young for Scramblers are welcome to stay in the service with their carers or stay in Play Space, an area at the back of the church with toys, where they can see and hear what is going on from behind a glass partition.

The weekly 4:00 pm Service is a slightly quieter service with modern liturgy and hymns and songs accompanied by a small group of musicians.

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